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The Pig {in the wall} – Southampton

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2015-09-20 12.27.46I realise the irony of a post about a restaurant called The Pig, given the recent headlines, but we’ll just skim over that (!) because it was too yummy not to tell you about it!
2015-09-20 14.33.34It had been a couple of months since our last girls day, and this time we decided on Southampton as a destination. We met up at around 11am in West Quay shopping centre, had a little mooch around the shops and then headed to lunch.2015-09-20 14.34.15Somehow weย managed to end up in completely the wrong place, soย ended up hailing a taxi back over the other side of town as poor Sarah had recently had a knee op, so couldn’t face much more walking!2015-09-20 12.19.27We got there eventually though and luckilyย it was a lovely sunny day. It was a little chilly though, so although there were plenty of tables outside, we decided to sit indoors. It’s not particularly big inside,ย but they had one large table in the middle, so we parked ourselves there. I think it probably could’ve seated around eight people at a stretch.2015-09-20 12.25.24The decor is sort of traditional pub-come-antiques fayre – that’s probably the best description I can give! It’s all very warm and inviting though.2015-09-20 12.26.12
2015-09-20 12.19.35They had lots of interesting ciders and wines, but alas, I was driving so I opted for an apple juice. I did have a sip of Laura’s bourbon and blueberry cider though and it was delicious!2015-09-20 12.27.46
2015-09-20 14.11.47
2015-09-20 12.23.27So, on to the food…2015-09-20 12.24.38Three out of five of us opted for the sausage roll – as you can imagine there were lots of pork based dishes!2015-09-20 12.39.12
2015-09-20 12.50.24It was delicious. The side salad wasn’t particularly exciting, but the sausage roll itself was awesome.2015-09-20 12.50.30Kayleigh went for a flatbread, which was essentially a very long, thin pizza!2015-09-20 12.50.38And Laura had the cured meat board.2015-09-20 14.12.30
2015-09-20 14.11.38We were feeling relatively full at this point, but there was no way we were skipping dessert…2015-09-20 13.18.43Brownies, cakes and cookies, and for me…2015-09-20 13.18.52…the brownie won!2015-09-20 14.13.01And here’s the money shot..!2015-09-20 13.30.55Nice work, Kayleigh ๐Ÿ˜‰2015-09-20 14.34.50Oh look, a random boat shaped thing, perhaps I’ll go and sit on it and make someone take a photo…2015-09-20 14.34.29Ahh, my beautiful ladies! ^^

There are a few Pig hotels/restaurants dotted around the south of England, I’d been meaning to try one out for ages, and it was totally worth it, guys. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’re based around Hampshire/Dorset (or even Bath as apparently there’s one there too), then definitely give it a try!


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