Home Decor Wishlist #3

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Home Decor Wishlist numberedSince I moved house, I’ve been a liiiitle bit obsessed with getting new home pieces for my room. I’m so nearly there now, but there are just a few little finishing touches left on my wishlist…

1. A throw for the bed
I’m really struggling with what kind of throw to get. For years and years I had a purple themed bedroom, but I’ve tossed that aside now, it was time to get rid of the purple and go for something fresh. I’ve kinda aimed for a neutral base with pops of bright colour here and there and I really want the textiles in the room to reflect that. Larger pieces will remain neutral (bedding, curtains etc) but I want other soft furnishings to really pop. I really like the throws above from H&M, but I just can’t decide whether to stick to neutral for the throw or to go for an accent. Somebody send help.

2. Curtains
I still have the original curtains in my bedroom from when I moved in, and they’re black – not very nice to look at, and also does nothing for the room. I’m after some long neutral curtains and some cute little ties to hold them apart. This should probably be top of my list to get sorted really as I know it will make such a difference to the room. Do let me know if you have any recommendations for where to pick up affordable curtains!

3. Door knobs
I’m hoping to update my Ikea Expedit (now Kallax) unit a little – I currently have two drawer inserts and two cupboard inserts, with a total of six handles, and I’d really like to switch them out with some cute vintage-y ones. I’ve seen the ones above in Oliver Bonas and I think they’d work really well. The Expedit unit is such a well known piece of furniture, and everybody seems to have it, so I’d like to try and change it up a little.

4. A full length mirror
I still haven’t gotten round to picking one up. I’m hoping to get one that I can put on the wall (read: get my Dad to put on the wall) behind my door. I’m thinking just a really simple frameless one that will be almost flush with the wall. I never really realised how frustrating it is not to be able to see your whole outfit before you leave the house (#firstworldproblems, anyone?), but how am I going to know if the shoes go with the outfit, or if my bag looks right with everything else? Okay, I’m going to stop talking now…

5. Expedit basket inserts
So back to the Expedit update, as well as the four permanent drawer/cupboard inserts, I currently have two of the fold up basket inserts which hold clothes. They were just a temporary buy though back when I used the whole unit for clothes, and they really need updating. I’m after four new baskets, replacing the two I have and making use of the two remaining sections. I really love the baskets above, but I just can’t decide if I want the natural colour or the white… Oh the decisions I have to make…

6. Cushions for the bed
Because when is it not okay to buy cushions? Okay so I do have a lot of cushions, but in my defence I have put quite a few of them on the sofas in the lounge, and then some are under the bed… Alright, I have enough cushions to last me a lifetime, but I want different colours! I get boredddd. As I mentioned earlier, I’m looking to bring in pops of colour, and cushions are definitely the best way to do that. I’ve been looking around for aaaages, but I haven’t quite found what I’m looking for (except for the most beautiful cushions ever in John Lewis at £70 a pop – it’s a sore subject, I’ll be honest). Waaah.

What’s on your home wishlist?


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