October Eleven Turns Two

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2015-06-06 16.30.08So, today October Eleven turns two!

It’s all gone very quickly to be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve been blogging for two years,  although technically I’ve only been posting regularly for just over a year, but it does all feel a bit mad. I do feel settled into more of a pattern now though and I’m also learning to accept that you do have to just let life get in the way sometimes, and I’ve had a couple of small blogging breaks and pared things down a little over certain periods, but that’s okay and it’s meant that I’ve come out the other side feeling much more motivated. Sometimes there are lulls when the creativity doesn’t flow quite as well, but it’s always good to take a step back and spend some time coming up with new ideas. I had loads of interior stuff to talk about when I moved house recently, but now my room is pretty much all set up, there are less things to write about. However, this is a lifestyle blog, and it does reflect bits of my life, so it makes sense that there will be times when I have lots of things to write about, and times when I don’t have much to say too, but s’allll good man (kudos if you get that reference 😉 ), it’s life, y’know?!

So, back to my point (!) I hope you’ll join me in a virtual *Happy Birthday* to my little blog – if I had a cake I’d stick a couple candles in it, but I’ve settled for finishing off my bag of chocolate raisins instead. #sorrynotsorry 🙂


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