Happy Blog Namesake Day {My Birthday!}

2015-10-11 16.51.59 copyHappy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear… Okay you get the drift. It’s Sunday October the eleventh, ie. my birthday and my blog’s namesake day, so a cause for celebrations all round!

Everything’s been fairly birthday focussed on here recently, I’ve already had my blog’s birthday last Monday, today is my birthday, and I’ll probably be doing a little round up post of all my lovely presents as well, cause y’know, you’ve gotta stretch your birthday out for as long as possible. 😀

As for celebrations, I kept it fairly low key this year and had a girlie sleepover (because you’re never too old for a sleepover) with my best friends. We got takeaway, drank wine and watched Friends. (Could this plan BE anymore suited to me?!) 😉 It was basically an evening of my absolute favourite things – pizza, wine, my girls, and Friends. WIN.

I was thoroughly spoilt, and got some really lovely presents, so I will definitely be sharing these on the blog at some point next week. Spoiler alert: A LOT of burger and pug themed gifts – my friends know me too well. 😉 And as the card above states: whose birthday isn’t improved by a pug in a bow tie?

So, I shall sign off for today, but keep a look out for a present round up next week, and also a few more interior updates to come as well… such excite!


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