Sunday Musings

d3f822657abf4d9b135f4ff6f6eafdf6Well hello there! I’m not sure how it’s gotten to the end of November already, but here we are! So today I thought a little update was in order…

It’s been a little quiet over here the past few weeks, I have a few posts drafted, but I just haven’t gotten round to getting them finished off and ready to go. It feels like it’s been a bit of a whirlwind in my world recently; stuff at work has changed pretty drastically with the departure of a few people, and I’ve also not been very well the past few weeks, (currently sat in bed watching a Disney film with some Lemsip!) so I’m just trying to keep on top of everyday stuff and not overdo it. To be honest, I’m just embracing living in the moment and not documenting everything I’m doing – I know there’s a balance in there somewhere and one day I will find it! 🙂

Last weekend I was in Ireland for a family wedding which was so much fun, but I was totally knackered afterwards – I could’ve done with an extra couple of days to recover! We were a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor though – some pretty epic moves thrown about! 😉

I feel a little bit behind at the moment as I usually try and get all my Christmas shopping done in November, but it’s December on Tuesday and not much has been done – eeek. I don’t have a huge amount of people to buy for this year in fairness, but it’s always so much nicer to do Christmas shopping in November as it all gets a little wild over December in London! I did brave the Black Friday sales on Oxford Street though, but ended up getting stuff for myself rather than Christmas presents… whoops.

I can’t wait for Christmas now though, I’m really in need of the break to be totally honest! Plus I love Christmas, I’ve already started putting on the Smooth Christmas radio station at work – #sorrynotsorry 😉

Hope you’ve all had a happy Sunday!


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