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ss collage 1I often find myself gravitating towards ideas for smaller spaces – my current room is relatively compact, but I’ve actually done pretty well to incorporate everything I need. I also know that if I ever decide to get a place by myself, it is likely to be relatively conservative in terms of space (oh the woes of living in London!) hence why I feel inspired by people who live in small spaces and have created something both practical and beautiful.
ss collage 2There are so many options nowadays, you just have to visit IKEA to see the clever storage solutions that are available for small spaces. Ever walked around one of those 1-bed set ups that they build? I bet you thought, ‘yeah I could probably live here!’ – but I swear they’re only like 100 sq ft. (may be a slight under-exaggeration, but you get my drift).ss7 copyStorage really is key, and also knowing your boundaries (sometimes literally). I would really like to rock the unmade bed look ^^ that you see so often on Pinterest, but the reality is, my bedroom is too small to really pull it off without just looking messy. You’ve got to be realistic. I have loads of trinkets and home accessories that I would love to have on display all the time, but in reality, my room would be so cluttered if I did – I’ve recently learnt what it is to actually put things away and pare down what I have out on display – plus it’s nice to swap things around every now and again and refresh your surroundings.ss6 copy

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I’m really loving cute-sy little apartments at the moment – that would suit me down to a T – a little bohemian-modern themed place – some clever storage, a big gallery wall of photos of my favourite people and some of my favourite pieces dotted around. Oh and loads of cushions, because CUSHIONS.

What are your favourite space-saving ideas?


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