Affordable Home Accessories on the High-street

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2015-03-29 15.27.35I’m a big fan of having a real mix of pieces around me – I do like having the odd expensive piece that I’ve saved up for but more than anything I love a good bargain.

I love routing around in antique/vintage markets – you can find such a variety of stuff there, often for such a good price, and they’re normally totally unique pieces. I highly recommend looking up vintage markets near you and just having a rummage to see what you can find, it’s great fun!

In terms of high street stores though, there are so many options nowadays, so I’ve done a little round up for you:

TK Maxx / Homesense – great for finding one of a kind pieces as well – they seem to have a lot of boho pieces recently (probably why I’m such a fan). And they’re also really good for kitchen equipment, crockery and bedding – a huge selection to choose from.

Supermarkets – Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda have a great selection of home accessories and for such good prices. If you can find an Asda superstore they normally have a HUGE selection – there’s one near me and it has such a wide range of pieces from cushions to glassware and even kitchen appliances.

Primark is a good one, but it can be a bit hit and miss – I do find that some of the stuff is a bit chavvy but if you look past all that, you can find some great pieces in there too – throws are a fraction of the price that you’d find them anywhere else, bedding too. There are some great little finds if you know a Primark with a big enough home section (Tottenham Court Road is probably the best one I know of).

H&M is so popular for home stuff now – every home decor themed YouTube video I seem to watch recently includes something from H&M, and all the stuff in there is absolutely beaut. I would buy it all if I could. Wire baskets, bold cushion covers, amazingly soft throws, all the marble themed accessories, and it’s all at such a good price too.

Cargo Homeshop. They only seem to have stores in the home counties, but if you live around there, then definitely see if you can pop in. They’re actually really good for furniture too, they used to do their own range of sofas which were really nice, comfy and so affordable. The sofa I had in my old flat was from there and was a big corner sofa which only cost just over £700 – bargain! Unfortunately they sell their sofas through Harveys now (which I just don’t think are as nice). Anyway, back to my point – accessories – there’s lots to choose from and again, all very affordable, whether you’re looking for decoration, cookware, frames, cushions, they have a varied selection of pieces.

If you’re after something cute-sy, or kitch, then Sass & Belle is the place to go. They have a shop in Covent Garden, and also one in Brighton. You’ll also find them at events like the Ideal Home Show, but if you can’t get to any of those, then have a look online. They do those infamous owl cushions that you used to see all the time – I have one somewhere I think – and they do lots of really cute little trinkets and candles, amongst other things.

Ikea. Bit of an obvious one, but I felt I couldn’t not mention it. All the accessories that you never knew you needed, all for crazily affordable prices. (Can I call Ikea ‘high-street’?? Oh well..)

One that people often forget about is BHS. I recently got a couple of really big cushions for my bed from there – they must be about 50cm x 50cm and they were only about £12 each. They also do a huge range of bathroom bits – accessories, towels, storage etc and they have a great selection of lighting too.

Wilko is another one that I think slips people’s minds. They don’t just sell cheap toiletries y’know, if you find a good one they actually have a great range of home accessories. My flatmate and I got quite a few bits from there the other week – some of them even sell paints and spray paints if you’re looking to do a bit of DIY.

Next. I wasn’t sure whether to include this one at first as I think it’s teetering between affordable and mid-price range, but having had another look, I’d say the accessories section is actually pretty reasonable. The furniture is pretty overpriced IMO, but they do have a lot of cute bits and bobs, especially vases and kitchen accessories. Plus their cushions are really well made. I’ve had a number of cushions from Next over the years and they’ve all lasted really well.

Quite a long list in the end really – more and more kept coming to me! I’m sure there are others that I’ll probably remember in a few days, but I’ve got to stop somewhere haven’t I!

Are there any other high-street stores that you’d recommend?


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