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bedroom wishlist textHaving only just shown you my bedside table deets, I’ve now gone and changed everything… whoops. My chest of drawers which were previously acting as a bedside table are now sat in my wardrobe which in fact works so much better. I’ve therefore been looking for some bedside tables to replace it, which has led me down a dangerous path of wanting to update pretty much everything else too… So I decided to pop together a little wishlist of everything I’m after.

1. So obviously first on the list are the bedside tables. I avoided matchy-matchy bedsides when I first moved, mainly because I was trying to make use of the furniture I already had, and I talked you through my bedside boxes here. The good thing about these is that they are just boxes, so are really flexible in terms of where I can put them. I picked up one more cream box (so I have two of each colour) and I’ve popped all four on top of my shelves. In terms of bedsides, I didn’t want anything too bulky as the idea is to open up the space as much as possible (the original idea behind putting the drawers in the cupboard), but I also wanted something with a small amount of storage – bit of a catch 22 really, but hey. I love the mid-century look at the moment, and having had a fairly extensive browse on Pinterest I know this can actually work really well with my favourite bohemian-modern looks. Trouble is, everything I can find is crazy expensive, I mean £300 for a bedside table, West Elm, really?!?! I love West Elm stuff so much but sometimes I really am just totally priced out! I did however, find these beautiful tables (also West Elm) for a slightly more conservative (!) £180 – I love them, but for what they are (essentially a few bits of wood and some legs) they’re still pretty pricey. I did consider making some, as I don’t think it would be too difficult to do, but even doing that, the legs that I was looking at (hairpin style, like these) were fairly expensive, and I figured if I was going to be making something myself the whole point would be that it would be a cheaper option, otherwise I may as well just buy something else. So long story short, I’ve actually ended up getting the Ikea Hemnes bedsides – I’m a little annoyed at myself because I’ve been trying to steer away from always getting Ikea furniture, but they don’t actually look like ‘typical Ikea’ furniture, plus I found a hack on Pinterest to make them even less Ikea-y, so I’m quite excited to give that a go.
I feel like I cheated a bit on that one as it’s something that I’ve already bought rather than on my wishlist, but I only got them on Saturday if that makes any difference?! 🙂

2. I’ve been after hanging planters for a couple months now – I really want those copper wire cages (apparently known as Himmeli) that you can sit little air plants in, but it turns out that they are actually really difficult to find! There are some on Etsy, but most are either very small or very expensive, waaah. I just want 3 of different sizes that I can hang from the ceiling – I’m thinking in the corner by my window, above my bedside table. I’m loving having greenery around me now, but it’s common knowledge that I’m quite the plant-killer, (one of my succulents lost a few limbs recently, although I’m desperately trying to nurse it back to health) and I hear air plants are pretty freakin’ easy to keep, so fingers crossed, guys. If you know where I can find these, please let me know!

3. So, going back to the bedside tables, I figured now that I have new tables, then I’m gonna need new lamps, right?? In fairness, I will see what my current ones look like on the new tables first, but I was considering getting something a bit more minimal – I love this lamp from Made, although I’m not sure if it’s a bit too industrial… I really love the lamps I have, but they don’t match, and I’m not sure if they will look right on the matching tables. There is also the option of just picking up another of one of my lamps, they were only from Ikea so that would definitely be the easier and cheaper option. I will see what it all looks like once I have the tables. I’m sure there will be a full post on my updated besides once I’ve made my mind up!

4. My mind has wandered now to my dressing table. I currently have the much coveted Ikea Malm table which pretty much every blogger has had at some point. A lot of people are now starting to update theirs, which has led me to consider the same thing – I love this West Elm one that Kate of Kate La Vie has, and again I’m loving the mid-century look. I also like this one from Habitat, although I’m not sure if I’m totally sold on it as it is quite similar to the Malm. I know I need something with drawers in, and I want something that’s a bit smaller than the Malm in terms of length, as it actually takes up quite a lot of space along the wall, and realistically I don’t actually need it to be that long. I was using it as a dressing table and desk at one point, but I think that lasted for about 2 months before I went back to just sitting on my bed/the sofa to blog. I really only use it for my make up and hair in the morning now, so something a bit more compact would be ideal. You can see I’m going for a bit more of a minimal vibe with my furniture, right?! I’m actually not really a fan of minimal interiors, I think I tend to go for more of an ‘organised mess’ kinda vibe with the accessories I have, but a lot of my furniture has tended to be fairly bulky (the woes of Ikea furniture!) so I’d really like to switch this up with pieces that allow more light to flow around the room, don’t take up too much space, and generally flow better with the rest of the room.

5. Coupled with the dressing table, I’m quite keen to get a new mirror – I’m loving the big round mirrors a la Pinterest (insert heart eyes emoji) so I’m really tempted to get a big one to go on the wall above my dressing table (if I do eventually get a new one) I think this will really tie everything in together. The only thing that concerns me is that I already have a full length mirror on the wall next to my dressing table, so I don’t want to get anything too big otherwise it may just end up looking like a wall of mirrors. A little more consideration is needed on this one I think..

Boy, I can chat a lot about bedroom furniture..! And I haven’t even mentioned the possibility of a new chest of drawers…! I’ll leave that for another post, it’s certainly way down the line – bedside tables are ticked off and they were the main thing, so I’ll get those set up first and go from there. Will keep you all updated… 🙂


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