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Photo 14-05-2016, 18 00 45A few life updates from me today…

I feel like I’m always saying how busy I am in these update posts, but I really have been..! Quite unusually I’ve had two training courses with work recently which were pretty full on, although really useful. The second one involved psychologically profiling people, which I found fascinating – I do feel like I’m secretly profiling everyone I meet now though…

I’ve also been maximising weekday evening activities which I’ve been loving. I always feel that because I’m already in central London for work, I may as well make use of the evenings whilst I’m still there. I’ve been trying lots of food and drinks establishments – recent ones being: The Lucky Pig, Charlotte St Hotel, Bourne & Hollingsworth, Lima, Roka, Salvador & Amanda, Sway, Steak & Lobster, Polpo, Barbecoa, & Barrica. Some of which I’ve been to before, some not. I’ve also been trying to visit the cinema more often, the last film I saw was The Jungle Book which was great, next on the list is Alice Through The looking Glass and The Secret Life Of Petsย which both look really good. Outside of that, the other week I went to watch WWE Raw (yup), albeit with work, but it was great fun and there was free food and drinks all night which is always a winner! I also managed to go to the theatre to see a play called The Suicide, which was (as you can imagine) a dark comedy. I got invited to Ascot last week, and I’m off to Henley next week too, so there have been a fair few things going on! #LondonLife! ๐Ÿ˜€

One pretty major thing right now is that I have been interviewing for new jobs – very exciting, but totally knackering! I had 6 interviews across about 7 days – seriously exhausting, but the good news is that I got invited back for second rounds on all 3 and ended up getting offers from 2 out of 3 – so pleased! So I’ve accepted my favourite and I’ll be starting mid July!

Another superย exciting thing I can tell you is that I booked myself onto an Interior Design course – I am so psyched about this! It’s in July across 5 days, and the description of ‘who should attend’ was ‘those who have a passion for interior design and are drawn to interior magazines and Pinterest’, errrr hello! That is pretty much my life. I’m so excited! I will try and document some of it on here just to give you an idea of the sort of things involved, but it sounds great!

Another big thing for me at the moment is that I’m currentlyย in the midst of wedding and hen-do season. I was down in my hometown for a week a couple of weeks ago (see above pic!) for my friend Sarah’s wedding and then off for my friend Stace’s hen-do the following weekend, and a whole load of hen planning between the two – we smashed it though, it was a great weekend had by all and we had such beautiful weather for the wedding too – very lucky indeed! I have bridesmaid dress fittings next weekend, and another wedding the following weekend. Then 1 more hen-do and 2 more weddings…deary me! I love it really, it’s just a bit hectic currently – not sure what I’m going to do with myself come August!

Oh and the last thing; one of my flatmates is moving out, so Jami and I have been advertising for someone new to move in and interviewing lots of different people – has been interesting I have to say! Good news is that we offered the room to someone and they’ve accepted, so now we just need to wait for all the paperwork to be finalised and our new flatmate will move in mid-August.

So there you go, busy busy busy! And lots of new and exciting things coming up too. I hope that will explain why there have been fewer posts over the last few weeks. I have lots of ideas, but it’s just a case of getting round to putting them into practice – wish me luck!

13506993_10153692889142338_7334609777805007923_nLastly, I hope all my fellow British people are voting today – it’s so important to have your say, so please make the effort to pop to the polling station. I even got up early to vote this morning, and anyone who knows me, knows I DO NOT do mornings! ๐Ÿ™‚
If you’re keen to watch the results of the referendum, the Guardian have done a synopsis of what’s happening when – I’m not sure if I will make it right through to 7am though, but we shall see!


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