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2015-06-13 17.27.57If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Around a third of the furniture in my flat is from there and I’m often checking out their site for a bit of home decor p0rn. I’d been desperate to visit the showroom ever since I heard that they’d opened a new one in Soho, so finally last weekend we headed round to have a snoop.
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A Saturday at Borough Market

2015-06-13 16.01.01Soooo much cheese! ^^
This weekend we decided to head to Borough Market. If you’ve never been before then get yourself down there one Saturday and sample some of the huuuuge selection of amazing food and drink available. It’s definitely one for the London bucket list, that’s for sure.

Creating a Desk Space

2015-06-06 16.31.35I’ve been longing for a ‘blogging space’ for a while now. I’m going to lay the blame entirely on Pinterestall those damn pretty home office pins. The only space I could really make use of in our flat though was my dressing table, so I decided to give it dual purpose – dressing table & desk… Enter: The Dresk. (See what I did there?) 😉

Festival Essentials

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2015-06-06 13.39.37Last year was the first time I ever went to a festival… I know, right – bit late to the party. However, I remember panicking at the time about what I was going to have to take with me, so what did I do? Well I resorted to blogs of course! So today I bring you my guide to everything that helped me survive my first festival!